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Astrology Grounded in

Reason & Intention

Have you ever wondered how planets so far away could affect your daily experience? Just as a butterfly's wings affect the world around it, the celestial bodies seemingly out of reach leave their mark as well, gravitationally & emotionally.

After 13 years of independent study, I've found the patterns of planetary motion to be an incredibly useful tool for self-understanding. The complexity of human consciousness yearns for meaning; the archetypes and symbols of the planets surrounding us pave the way for greater emotional understanding. 

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$160-250 (Venmo)

I offer approximately two-hour-long astrological readings on a sliding scale. Together, we'll explore the overarching themes of your chart, your signs and houses for each planet, how each planet interacts with each other (aspects), and your significant life transitions.


I also offer synastry & composite chart readings, which are an exploration of the dynamics present within relationships. Synastry chart readings are priced at a sliding scale of $180-250, and I am always happy to be flexible with your specific support needs.


Studying archetypal astrology for ten years, I have found that astrology is not predictive, but a tool which reveals a new perspective, showing you what resources you have to work with. It's your choice how you use them!

Tarot Consultation


$30-80 (Venmo)

The images of the Tarot tell a story, encompassing the human experience in the simplicity of an image. Currently offering a variety of readings suited for your particular situation, ranging from a 3-card overview to a 12-card portrait, and more. Readings are conducted with the intention of fostering clarity by evoking the power of archetypal imagery, thereby helping you to learn the arts of tarot and resourcing yourself in times of challenge or curiosity.


I primarily utilize the Thoth & Rider-Waite decks, as well as the Oracle of the Radiant Sun, and have studied the Tarot for 10 years.

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“Greg Tilden has the makings of a true astrologer. He was thorough, passionate, and patient when going through my star chart and tarot reading. He made sure to explain all the little things, often using his own life and chart as a balancing board, making it easier to connect and go further into the reading. The only thing I suggest is to record your session as there is so much information, much that you will never want to forget!”

H.B., San Francisco, CA

“My birth chart and tarot reading by Greg couldn't have come at a better time. Greg thoughtfully prepared an abundance of information to help me understand my birth chart, in turn confirming truths about myself while simultaneously further illuminating the fine lines of my personal gifts and struggles. I was struck by Greg's precision, his wealth of knowledge, and the care he took in explaining my chart and answering my questions. The tarot reading was equally enlightening. Greg was so thorough and so present with me. It was such a gift to spend this time with him. I learned a lot about myself!”

O.M., Chicago, IL

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